3 Queen 5.3lb Density Memory Foam Mattress Bed Topper Pad  Compare Tempur pedic






Memory Foam Topper


Our Memory Foam mattress topper was developed to create a superior product that would provide cooler comfort and great durability, with the same cradling and conforming qualities that top quality memory foam is known for - worldwide.The air flow in this open cell memory foam is greater than many competing brands. Open cell memory foam dissipates heat. It is the air flow itself that is moving through the foam that carries away excess heat and moisture, creating  the exceptional comfortable, best sleep experience you have ever had.



    I will meet anyone's prices if we compare oranges to oranges


This is the most important thing I can tell you ...... all memory foam is not the same.  If all memory foam was the same, it would make perfect sense to buy the cheapest. And I would buy and sell cheap foam too~~ if that were true. However, that is not true! Cheap memory foam is a cheap imitation of what "top quality memory " really is and what it does for you.  So you have missed the boat ~ if you buy cheap memory foam. That is the truth! It is a waste of good money to buy cheap foam. The best thing about cheap foam is that it will not last. The attributes of good memory foam are true. You feel like you are seeping in the clouds. However, that is only true about good memory foam.

Trust me on this one--you do not want cheap memory foam. There is a huge difference between cheap memory foam and quality memory foam or I would sell the cheap memory foam too. I would be so silly not to.



When I started to sell memory foam( about 10 years ago) I went to 6 different factories that sold memory foam . Now, when I first started to research memory foam. Like you- I looked for the cheapest price. I asked to see a 3" 4lb density at each factory. They were ALL different. (Well, 2 were the same - and they  were very, very good- but expensive) Then I went to the other factories. Oh my gosh! What a shock! One felt like regular foam. Then another one felt like mush. ( Even a 5lb felt like mush ) Others felt like 3lb or 2lb density .(very hard-like regular foam.) One felt very heavy and kinda sandy, like they added a filler of fine sand. And they were ALL suppose to be the same 3" 4lb density.

I certainly learned fast that all memory foam is not the same.  I looked for the cheapest ...because naturally, I know and you know that everyone wants to purchase the best & cheapest memory foam possible.  I found that you can not buy good, top quality memory foam for a cheap price. So I choose to buy the best. I chose to buy what I would want if I ordered memory foam. My density is true.  ILD 14 for 4lb density and 15 for 5lb density toppers. Compare Tempur-pedic.


Some sellers are now copying my ad and saying many things that I do. For instance , they say that they sell prime cut toppers too. A prime cut topper out of cheap memory foam is still cheap memory foam. Be smart - do not fall for that kind of ad! Lots of word tricks are now used to sell memory foam. Trust me, you do not know--what you do not know. It took me 10 years to learn all that share with you

We all know that we would get a different quality in a shirt, bought at the Dollar Store, than a shirt bought at Macy's or Dillard's. The same philosophy is applicable here. I sell top quality. I sell the same memory foam that sells in retail stores for $800.00 to 2 grand and up. Retail stores will warranty the same memory foam I sell for 10- 20 years.( and I will too if I sell my memory foam for 2 grand) Please call if you need any help .If you prefer not to bid-call me.If the price is too high, please call me any time.Ask for Rebecca or Paul  1-336-570-0907 or 1-336-693-9205

When you are bidding on my auctions , there is a reserve price with free shipping. You may ask me my reserve price. If you see cheap memory foam with no reserve price – it means their foam is very cheap and they can profit just from their shipping price. Good memory foam is not cheap. eBay is set up to make sellers use auctions to make money off sellers listings and so we must list to get your attention. Just one ad can cost $10.00 or more ~ to list on auctions.So I certainly do not pay $200.00 to $300.00 for a topper and expect to sell it for 1 penny. I am just following eBay's set up.I repeat- eBay is set up to make us do auctions. and to get your attention we must start at a penny or you would never see us.Top quality toppers will not sell for 1 cent, $100.00 or even $200.00 .

If you prefer not to bid and want to buy the topper right now. Go to our eBay store to buy it now or call us. We are happy to help you with any questions. 1-336-570-0907 or 336-570-0907 and my cell # is.336-693-9205. When we talk to you , we seldom get the size wrong..

 Go to my FIXED PRICES if U want to buy it now & don't want to bid.. www.justad.com leads you there.

             CALL ME FOR ADVICE & CUSTOMER SUPPORT HM # 1-336-570-0907 OR CELL # 336-693-9205

                                                                    ASK FOR REBECCA OR PAUL


4lb density is more soft than 5lb density. You sink into 4lb density  immediately. 5lb density is more firm. (still soft though) You stay more on top of 5lb density. You will sink into it slowly but never as deep as the 4lb density and not as fast. The thicker you go in top quality memory foam the softer it is. I have ordered 4" 5lb density samples from other sellers and their 5lb density was like mush. That is cheap memory foam. So I can only speak for my memory foam. It is top quality


If  memory foam is too soft (ILD ratings of 10 and below), the mattress may no longer provide adequate support and comfort. Coupled with lack of proper density and thickness, the mattress could easily bottom out. In other words, a poor quality comfort layer may ruin a perfectly good mattress. Firmness is determined by the ILD rating (Indentation Load Deflection), a property all foams have. Industry experts actually use IFD (Indentation Force Deflection) to measure firmness. IFD/ ILD measures the amount of force, in pounds, required to indent a 50" inch disc into a 15"x15"x4" visco elastic foam sample and make a 1" indentation. For example, 15 ILD means it would take 145pounds to make a 1" indentation in the foam. A good ILD is 15 for 5lb and 14 for 4lb density. Tempur-pedic is 15.

A good ILD is 15 for 5lb and 14 for 4lb density. Tempur-pedic is 15. 4lb density is 14. Our 5lb topper is 15 ILD and ivory in color. A 5lb density prime cut memory foam does not come in white. Some sellers have covers on their topper to hide that fact.


     Know the Correct Bed Sizes - do not buy a short topper

                      Cal. King.........72 x 84                King............76 x 80

                        Queen.............60 x 80              Full..............54 x75

                     Twin.................... 38 x 74            XL twin....…38 x 80


PLEASE READ MY TRICK LIST~ it is about half way down this ad ~ IF YOU DON'T BUY HERE.... reading the trick list is a must. Do not buy a topper without reading this. Or you might end up just buying the words and tricks. Buy a good topper. Buy smart! Read. All memory foam is not the same.

 Please read or call me anytime for advise or customer support. I want to help you get it right. (1-336-570-0907 or 1-336-693-9205) If we do not answer try - try again. We want to talk to you and help you. . At the very least ~ read my trick list and then you can buy anywhere -- with confidence.

I have so many people say that they can buy memory foam cheaper --- somewhere else: That is for sure--I can do that too! I could sell you very cheap memory foam. However, I want happy satisfied customers. I want to sell a safe product and a topper that feels the best it can.  Most cheap memory foam comes from China ( so good - luck with that) .They have absolutely no laws to follow.  We have no idea what China puts into their foam. It does not last long either. The compression sets come fast. Cheap memory foam does not feel like the " real" memory foam "  - nor will it last very long. Nor would you want it to. Why? Because cheap memory foam has a lot of regular foam in it. It has all kind of fillers. It is low density and/or low ILD. Cheap memory foam feels like cheap foam-- it does not feel like quality memory foam because it --isn't quality memory foam . So if you do decide to buy cheap memory foam --you will not know what "real" memory foam really feels like or what it does for you. And you will wonder what the hype is all about .



SERTA does have positive feedback~ HOWEVER~ The toppers are SHORT~check the PAD SIZE TO SEE IF THE PAD SIZE IS SHORT! They are and they say so!!!! Almost every time a customer sends me a link and wants to know if I can match his price--I go to the ad and read it and it says very clearly that the topper is short. And that matters because you will tend to fall down on the edge. Know your bed side.


ALWAYS Double Check to see what the density is. Call and ask questions.

Do they answer the phone?

What is their density and ILD?

A 10lb topper would be hard as a rock. Bigger is not better!

The imporrts

OH MY GOSH! WHERE SHALL I BEGIN? Many imports are adding clay to their product to make it heavy. This has turned the foam toxic but they sell it anyway. Why ??? Because it makes a topper weigh heavy and unsuspecting customers buy them....thinking bigger is better . Imported products have no laws to follow and they do not care about your health. You only have to watch the news for this info. Made in Europe is another import! don't let a fancy name dazzle you. An import is an import. USA does not even hardly check on the food from other countries. Do you think they check memory foam. Remember all the lead they put in toys and candles?

Cheap toppers are usually all about this next trick I am going to tell you about----they use 2 cubic feet to figure their density.

An ad that reads 5.5 memory foam topper pad is a trick ad!!! WHY???

An ad must inform you of the density number ( of the topper pad) It should read ( "5.3lb density "~~ not 5.3lb memory foam topper ) If an ad reads:This is a 5.5 topper...that means you  will most probably get half the density number amount listed ~ See - the trick is ~ that they did not say 5.3lb density ~ they said 5.3 topper) These are word games- make you believe one thing but they will send you another !!! That is why the price is cheap~ the density is probably about 2lb density.

They use a bogus way to measure memory foam - like 2 cubic feet. We can really only measure memory foam by 1 cubic foot. 1 cubic foot is the industry standard -when determining the density of foam. However ,some memory foam sellers use a different method then the standard 1 cubic foot. That is how they can not get prosecuted for out and out fraud .Read more on this trick- near the end of this ad.

Call or email suspicious sellers . See if they answer the phone or an email. Ask the right questions! Ask about the density and weight...and ILD Then ask if they measure by 1 cubic foot. Listen carefully to your answers.

Some sellers will just just lie. They tell you they are selling you a 5lb density king topper and it is really only 2lb or 3lb density.

Some sellers invent new words to trick you (like ILF or ELD instead of ILD--what is that ?)They also create new ways to measure the density.1 cubic foot is the industry standard -when determining the density of foam

Read the trick list and then you can buy anywhere with confidence!!! Scroll down about half way down the page.

  Or just call Rebecca or Paul for advise or customer support  hm #1-336-570-0907 or 1-336-693-8205


Long Story - Short

  • This is a 100% Visco elastic memory foam ,prime cut overlay, open cell  mattress pad.

  • It is measured by 1 cubic foot -the only scientific way to measure memory foam.

  • Very luxurious!!! Temperature sensitive -with a gel like feel-to it. Comfort like no other bed!!

  • Memory foam softens and conforms to the body. It will adjust to your shape & distribute weight evenly.

  • Bliss- it reduces pressure points that cause pain & loss of sleep (tossing and turning)

  • It is non-allergenic, anti-bacterial-naturally resistant to dust mites- so you do not need covers.

  • Memory foam was originally designed for NASA. Never used. Then it hit the bedding market. WOW!

  • Mine is made in the USA. New - direct from the factory -not a high mark up - affordable!!!

  • Same as other pads -sold in retail stores for $800.00 ~ $2.000.00 & up ~ with warranty of 10-20 years.

  • Keep your bed! Buy a topper & you have a memory foam bed!!! And you saved lots of $$$ !!!

  • Last but not least--I am honest! You can trust me I give my home phone number HM # 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca or Paul or cell 1-336-693-9205

  • We have All Sizes and Thicknesses & density available in our eBay store or fixed listing ...which can also be reached from going to www.justad.com

Compare Tempur-Pedic®

Trial Period, with Money Back Guarantee


Add additional comfort to your existing bed.Use a memory foam topper pad as an overlay on top of your own bed. You will feel like you have a new bed~ only better than you have ever felt. Memory foam is designed to recognize your own personal shape. It adjusts to your own body and distributes your body weight evenly. This luxurious memory foam mattress pad can reduce pressure points on your body - that become a source of discomfort . Pressure points can cause tossing and turning - leaving you sleep deprived and feeling weak.

Now you can enjoy a space in bed that conforms to your own personal shape( imagine that:-)Time after time, year after year your bed will cradle you in comfort. This comfort is only possible with memory foam .Every night! Every time! Year after year you will look forward to going to your bed. After all, it is a bed ---made just for you! The topper will arrive UPS ground. I buy toppers that are MADE in a USA factory. They are safe.

If you want Density& thicknessi nformation---scroll about 1/4 down. It will help you know what density & thickness to pick for your bed and weight.

The Trick List is near the end of this ad. There is a lot of vital informationlisted for those of you who are not familiar with memory foam. Sellers use many tricks & word games to sell cheap memory foam. There is also good information about what density , ILD and what thickness you should choose. Maybe you are not familiar with memory foam at all. Do you need a cover? No! Most of the time they cover cheap foam so you can't see the compression set in. Why is having it made in the USA so important? We have laws-imports do not care what poisons are in it. Do you want a cheap price?

If you did not know the answers to these questions--Then the rest of this ad was typed just for you! We are a family owned business. Call me anytime HM # 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca or Paul for customer support.

Memory Foam is Luxurious!!!

Long story short:

  • It evenly supports your weight & your spine remains in a neutral position. 

  • It is heat sensitive you will melt into it at your heaviest areas thus eliminating painful pressure points.

  • It will cradle you in comfort . Memory foam comfort is unlike any other bed that exists today!

  • It will reduce pressure on shoulders, back, hip, and legs.

  • It's naturally resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial -you don't need COVERS!

  • You only need to buy a topper - you have the bed! Save thousands of $$$ Buy now! www.justad.com

  • Get it even if you do not have pain,. The comfort is unbelieveable!!!

Memory foam has been around a long time , however only the rich & famous could afford it. Now it is affordable for all of us! do the math. It will be the best money you ever spent. We spend about 1/3 of our lives in bed. Yet pay much more for our cars. There is no comfort -like a memory foam topper pad = bed.

You can go to sleep quickly and remain sleeping the entire night. That is huge!!! You will wake up rested & refreshed because you did not toss and turn all night. Memory foam contours to your body's exact shape, and your partner's. If you get up , your partner's portion of the bed remains peaceful. When they get up, you will not be disturbed either.

Sleep is key to our health.Select memory foam & you select comfort 2 for life!

Nothing is as comfy as memory foam!

Even people, who think they have bought the best beds in the world (ex: Select Comfort Number Bed - Latex Bed - Top Brand Mattress Bed - Air Bed - Feather Bed) will call me & want to buy a memory foam topper (at least a 2" 4lb density topper ) for the top of their bed---to make it perfect comfort.

WHY??? Because if you feel your bed - no matter how soft your bed is or how much air you can let out or put in - or how much feathers you have or how much water you have in your bed or how expensive your bed is ..if you feel your body touch the bed - you will feel your pressure point pain . Right where your body meets the bed. This is true with all beds - except with a quality memory foam bed. Put a memory foam topper - on top of your "almost perfect" expensive or cheap bed and make it a perfect bed.

  • Memory foam can make a good bed better and help a bad bed feel good.

  • Select comfort that is affordable -a topper pad. Made in the USA.No imports-can't trust them!

  • Select memory foam toppers--and make your own bed! Save thousands of $$$.

Thousands of doctors,physical therapists, chiropractors recommend a visco-elastic memory foam mattress for their patients. Many patients report diminished pain ,deeper sleep and less tossing and turning .

All memory foam & sellers are not created equal.

I chose the best memory foam that compares best memory foam I had ever felt. I have had many people buy my memory foam after they have owned a Tempur-pedic topper or other top brand names and as you can see in my feedback- so many like mine better. I did not chose the cheapest memory foam to sell to you. I chose the best & the safest memory foam. I chose a factory that makes the same memory foam beds and toppers that are sold all over the USA for over a grand and up.. They make all kinds of foam and it is all made right here in the USA. Read my feedback.


                           BTW- No bugs can live in memory foam ;-) ))


To keep the definition simple….Memory foam is made up of billions of visco-elastic cells and voids.(empty spaces-open cells).The less air between the visco-elastic cells, the more dense. The more air in the with the visco-elastic cells the less dense your topper will be.Memory foam provides customized support just where you need it. Visco Elastic Memory Foam is made up of billions of memory cells that are temperature sensitive.

 Buy top quality memory foam, like I sell. Do not buy cheap memory foam. It is not the same. Many are cheap and feel like regular foam and are hard .There are also memory foam toppers that feel like mush and they call it 5lb density (sells cheap)They go flat in a matter of a few months. And never really do feel good. Save your money the first time that you pick a topper to buy and apply it to a top quality memory foam topper..

We are in bed & shoes most of the time - they both should be comfortable

Finding Your Sweet Spot

Your bed may influence your topper choice. You must first ask yourself how you want your bed to feel. Firm or medium or soft. That will be your sweet spot J. Take into consideration what kind of surface you will put your topper on. It will make a difference what density or thickness of memory foam you should choose. What condition is your bed in. Do you have any dips ? Next - how much do you weigh? Do you have pain? Where? You have more weight in your hips and hence would go thicker than 2 inches. If you weigh around 130 or-- 150 and have shoulder pain ...then a 2 inch 4lb might be great on a soft bed. You will feel like you are floating on a cloud. As you go thicker in any density ~ a topper becomes a bit softer.

Density Choices

Please remember this: When I say firm –I do not mean firm in the normal sense of that word. All memory foam is soft. Some are softer than others. So when I am giving you words like firm ~ I do not want you to think that it is not at all soft.

5.3LB Density

This is the most firm density. It is like a bed unto itself. Put it on ALMOST anything and it will be like your new bed. It is firm, yet still soft - like all memory foam is . However, it is more dense than others and this makes it a firmer choice . Great for heavy people and couples.

5LB Density

This is a favorite of many. A tad less firm than the 5.3lb. It also is like a bed unto itself. Put it on anything and it will be like your bed. It is firm- yet soft - like all memory foam is . It is a favorite of many who want softness and yet firm support too. It is dense and feels great!Great for heavy people and good for couples, stomach sleepers and great for old an mattress (or new;-)

4lb Density

This is also a favorite of many. Your body will sink into a 4lb density faster than a 5lb density. So you will have instant gratification. Including myself. A 4lb density in 3inches is usually a safe pick for most anyone 180 and under if you want softness. 3 inch 4lb changes your bed to great comfort. Not too deep and not too shallow. A 2inch will add a lot too. If your bed is hard a 2inch 4lb density gives it some softness but does not loose the integrity of the bed.

A 4” 4lb is very, very soft.

You must love a very soft bed to pick 4inch in a 4lb density. This will cradle around you with softness and you will feel like you are floating on a cloud. You will melt into it more than any other density or thickness. And it will cradle you in comfort. If you love softness—this bed is for you. Truckers love it , kids love it, and I love it too. This bed is great for cancer patients. And for patients that are in great pain and need extra softness. It is also a great pick for beds with dips because you sink into your own space and do not move around very much because it is so soft you are very comfy.


Do not think bigger is always better. If you weigh a lot and want medium firm ~ to firm you might want to consider a 4 inch topper in a 5lb or 5.3lb. It depends on what you like. Soft or medium soft. There is not too much difference in the 5.3lb and the 5lb. However, there is some. What condition is your bed in ? Does it have dips. Then you must go 4 inches. Memory foam is more firm at 2 inches. The thicker you go with memory foam the more cush it will have. If you weigh less than 200lbs you might want a 2 or 3 inch topper. 3 inches is medium firm in 5lb and medium soft in 4lb density. The 4 inch topper has some cush in the 5lb and has very soft cush in the 4lb density. If your pain is in your hips you will need to consider more thickness than you would need if you have shoulder pain. If you have trouble turning over and you are physically challenged & you just want to add a little padding choose the 2 inch topper

As you go thicker in any density ~ a topper becomes a bit softer. How much & how deep you sink into a topper depends on your weight. You will sink into this some at 130- 150lbs.A 2” 5lb will be more firm that a 4” 5lb. If you do not weigh much and want a very firm topper go for the 2” 5.3lb. If you have a medium firm bed and hip pain and weigh less than about 185 --and want medium soft then the 3 inch 4lb is a good pick. No matter what you weigh or what you pick ~they all feel good. So do not drive yourself nut's while you are choosing  your sweet spotJ.

At the end of the day, it is all a personal choice. Any memory foam topper will increase your comfort. Go with your instinct and whatever you choose will be better than what you are sleeping on now (that is my humble opinion) Remember that you can call me anytime for advice.

CALL 1-336-570-0907 or 1-336-693-9205 for customer support & ask for Rebecca or Paul

3.5LB Density

This is a low density. Soft and comfy, yet some firmness too because it has more regular foam in it. It is a cheaper topper. I must say it is not my favorite density. However, if you need a cheaper answer ~ then this is your best choice.

3LB Density or  2.8LB Density or less. Pass! Don't Buy it!

         Wow guests with one on your guest bed!

This topper is hypo-allergenic. The factory adds an anti-microbial, which kills any fungi or germs which may get onto the topper. This also helps if the foam becomes wet, it helps to prevent molding. This causes a smell at first when you open the topper, but it goes a way. You should be very happy it smells! Be worried, that it is not a high end product if it does not smell a bit. This is a good sign. It should smell----and you do not need to buy a cover since the topper is hypo-allergenic.

What to use, to cover your topper...

You do not need or want an expensive cover.

Cover your topper with a thin deep pocket 100% cotton knit jersey fitted sheet from Walmart or with a regular 100% cotton sheet. I have my bed covered in both ~ a deep pocket 100 % cotton sheet and I also have a light weight flannel fitted sheet on another bed.ok I know what you are thinking. ...flannel is too hot. I have hot flashes but not in my memory foam bed. If it is important to you to cover both sides of the topper -then get 2 100% cotton deep fitted sheets.

Some sellers sell inferior memory foam that are cloaked in these covers. They look very good and beautiful at first - all covered up in a plush looking cover. However, they may cover more than we like, because when you have a topper cover, you can not see the foam. It may have a compression set in 3 months and it has been hidden under covers. Most sellers that sell these kinds of toppers are covering cheap memory foam. Be suspicious, because you do not need them and they fall apart after about 3 times that you wash them.

Some sellers say it is free with topper- it should be free- it is worthless. In my humble opinion  ;-)

You spend one third of your life in bed, get a safe topper made in USA!

Help Me, Help You, Help Me

ME: I am a mother 5 . All of my children sleep on memory foam just for the comfort. We are honest and we run a this small family business. Know that you are helping send my children to college. So please help a house-wife....Buy from me ~I will help you right back .

     Remember, I will try to beat any price if we compare oranges to oranges.


I know it is not easy to give money to a stranger on eBay and hope for the best. I promise, you are in good, safe hands. I will treat you the same way I would want to be treated. I want you to have a good experience from our transaction. And I promise you top quality AAA + GREAT 100% visco Elastic Memory Foam. Made in the USA with laws and regulations. I do not sell imports! I do not even eat imports! The news just said that the FDA checks less than 1% of the imported food. Do you think they are checking imported foam for safety??? Just asking! I put my children on these so I want some laws and regulations in place (so I know it is tested and is safe to use)

Keep our $$$ here! Support American made Products!

          Help a housewife, buy from me  :-)

    Go to www.justad.com . It leads you to my eBay store you can buy now without bidding

My Memory foam is affordable!

Do the math with me and see just how affordable it is........ And consider that you will spend about one third of your life in this bed! OK FIGURE THIS - 365 days x 8-10 years of use. hmmmmmmmm?? Can you figure it out?? Less than I can even figure in a penny. Is that affordable enough for the absolutely best, comfy bed in the world? When you break it down it is not at all expensive to buy the best quality. You will have this a long time. Get the real thing. Spend a bit more. You can't find good memory foam $100.00 cheaper . Trust me , I hear stories from people constantly. They wanted to save money. Can't fault you for that. However, good quality is just not that cheap. It is affordable ~ not cheap.

 And think about all the time we spend in our car. We spend much more time in our beds. It is the best money that I ever spent.

Memory foam is the bed of the future....NOW!!! If you get the real thing you will never go back to sleeping on a normal mattress. How could you? It eliminates so much pain and it is sooooooooooo comfy. You will look will look forward to going to bed every night. I do!!! After 7 years it is still great!!

Www.justad.com leads to my eBay store & time zones for shipping information

For questions dial HM # 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca 

Nothing is as comfy as memory foam!

Thousands of doctors, physical therapists,and chiropractors recommend visco-elastic memory foam mattress toppers for their patients. Patients report diminished pain , deeper sleep and less tossing and turning .


It was developed for NASA by a Swedish bedding company in the 60's. They did not use it at NASA. However- it quickly turned into the first generation of memory foam bedding sleep products. WOW! There has been nothing like sleeping on memory foam since! Only the rich could afford it for years. Now there are more company's that make memory foam & they must compete for business. Now you and I both, can afford to buy top quality memory foam. Be careful with your selection.

Great Sleeping for People in Pain, Pregnant women, Give A Gift That Keeps On Giving!!! Send one to a Soldier, College Students Dorm beds are terrible , Nursing Homes, People recovering from surgery, Truckers, Vans, Camping, Cushions for chairs, Beds in boats and campers. Animal Beds, and Kids Love them,(the thicker the better) I keep one or two rolled up in the closet for guests! They are great graduation gifts or birthday or just any day! Great for having the most comfy bed in the world!

Where was it made and why it is important?

It is important because….. The USA has "some" laws that govern what is made and sold here. However other countries can import anything and all the poison they want to, in products. You have heard the news of lead in in products made in China, for the kids toys. That should be enough to give you pause & to think about your safety, concerning sleeping on this for 10-20 years. We do not know what is in it- if it is from China.You will sleep on this memory foam for 10- 20 years. So you should want to know it is safe! We have no idea what fillers they use on imports. We know this- it is really cheap stuff. And just because a seller gives you a fancy name like ~ made in Europe ~ do not be fooled. An import is an import!!

They do not have our laws to follow~~

FYI Plywood, candles, foods and other things that are sold to the US from other countries, have poisons in them too. It said- just recently in the news- that the FDA checks 1 % of food imports. Imagine!!! And we think it is all safe! The USA regulates what goes in the plywood made here and also the candles and also the sprays put on food and memory foam, and etc. Candles must have a certain amount of lead and no more. However, the cheap ones from other countries are loaded with lead, they sell them very cheap to us and we are breathing all that lead in our lungs. Great lighting - that is poisoning all of us. And they import these by the millions. It has been reported that the USA only checks 1% of the food that is imported. Why should we expect them to check memory foam ????

Buy memory foam from USA, you know that it is safe as possible. Then you can trust what goes into making it a safe topper. I do not buy memory foam spun with sand to weight it - nor air to fluff it up. I buy the real deal. I have seen with my own eyes~ it is made here. I am honest and you can trust me. My own kids sleep on this & I certainly love them more than any money that I might save, by buying imports foam from other countries.


*You must know how to tell who is who! How else will you pick the good guys from the bad ?

*What questions will you ask? What will you look for -to find tricks?You need to either read or call- or both! Then and only then, can you buy anywhere with confidence! You need to know the tricks used!Please read.

You must ask the ILD. If it is a 5lb density with 10 ILD- t will be mush. You will bottom out.

Cheap foam usualy indents in the middle with-in 3 - 6 months and then goes flat. They count on you just letting it go in the garbage and you not calling back for a refund, to my shock. And that is just what most people do. Then they come to me.

Cheap foam = compression sets (slow recovery foam that goes flat within 6 months to a year)

Cheap foam = tricks (half the density, regular foam, short irregular sizes, skin on one side, etc.)

Cheap foam = are imports (no regulations - toxic foam- unsafe product)

Cheap foam = Cheap foam and all the other stuff that goes with cheap foam. read:


Read & search for the word density behind any lb sign. Example: 3" 4lb density is correct. (ex: 3" topper) is a trick. And ask the ILD.

One site is selling Serta, reputable brand name, right? However the toppers are short in dimensions- read & check. Many sellers will sell toppers that are too short to fit any bed-and they list the sizes ---so read!

A common trick used: a seller may measure by 2or 3 cubic feet which is scientifically impossible) That measurement trick ---can trick you into buying half the density - that you think it is. This is a method is used to sell very cheap,low density foam. Tricks are used by using word games. Of course -you do not know how to measure foam - and they count on

that fact! They might say 5.5 -3.5, 10lb topper in their ad instead of 5.5lb- 3.5lb density. Get it? They did not say the word density - they said the word topper.T hen they will send you about 1-2lb density memory foam and unfortunately it will go flat with-in 6months to a year.

Toppers made in China or Europe are imports. They have no regulations or laws to follow. And they are not the same as the toppers made in the USA! Imports sell very cheap and can be unsafe and toxic. AND THEY DO NOT CARE!!

Free stuff is only free--because it is not worth anything - it will not be comfy - that is why it is free!!

Read all small print

Wal-Mart has marketed a 4" of memory foam and it is 2 & a half inches of regular foam and 1& half inches of low density memory ffoam or 4lb density glued on the top.

Many , many sellers now copy my ad. Contact sellers and talk to them . You will get a feel for the truth.

Get the right bed size - not one that is many inches too short or one side is unusable skin or irregulars glued together. Call and ask size if it is not listed. Do not think it will fit unless the size is listed.

Don't think you can buy good memory foam really cheap. I can save you thousands of $$$ but good memory foam will not sell for $9.99- $89.00- $$150.00.Sorry- that does not exist :-(

Since I have made this list of tricks -other sites that are the tricky guys- are also listing some of the tricks that I list .Do not be fooled, just because they list some tricks!They just look a bit more honest now - but they are not. You must still read-very carefully.

Some sellers will list a zillion ads - for 1 cent with no reserve and flat shipping. That really sounds good! They will have a flat shipping fees because that shipping fee can pay all they need,for really cheap, low density, slow recovery, inferior foam. We all know this trick on many other products too.

Do you really think good memory foam can sell for 1 cent--plus about $25.00- $36.00 shipping???

CALL! Ask questions! If there is no one to talk to when they take your money, what do you expect if something goes wrong?Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?? Send an email, is it answered? NO???? Send another- then call . If you still get no answer...Then do not buy there!

An import is an import.If it is an import - it has no USA rules. No regulations to follow. Some sellers import memory foam buns and then cut it in the USA. Then they will say it was made in the USA. Well that is sorta true. It was cut here. However, it was not made here!!! God knows what is in it??? I will only sleep on memory foam made in the USA. I have seen with my own eyes that these toppers are made here.

Read ads. Call and ask. Be suspicious.


8lb o 6.5 density would be much toooooooooooo hard! And very -very-very expensive!!!!

10 inches of any foam is entirely too much. More than 4" is over kill! Read about the density and thickness because 2" memory foam may be all you need if it is great memory foam , like mine is.

10 inches of memory foam comes many ways.

3 pieces of foam held together in a casing . The 2 bottom layers are usually foam + a low grade density memory foam and the top is usually a 2"f memory foam that is 2lb - 3lb or 4lb density memory foam AT BEST. This is all held together in a casing. Remember you can not melt into memory foam with padding on the top of it ( it is heat sensitive) nor can you melt into a thick casing. This is very expensive, low grade foam. Read the feedbacks.I would pass! (Just my humble opinion) Red Flag!

SOME BEDS ARE BUILT TO FAIL. My opinion is this: no matter what anyone tells you ---it is just common sense that if you rotate a mattress of any kind --you will get twice the use out of it. So I am very against anything being glued. To me that screams: this is built to fail faster! check the price tags

Keep your bed & add a topper & you have the bed! Save $$$

Beware of the women in pajama's. Pajama's of all colors that are laying on white toppers. Beware of Bluebirds. Don't go near the mountains. And Mr. and Mrs. is known for bad foam. They will all eventually change their name.


Many sellers that look different~ are the same sellers. 


Check the size! Check the density. Insist on calling & talking to a human if you buy! (just my humble opinion) Do they answer the phone or an email? I list my home phone. I am not always here, however, I am not always gone!! 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca or Paul.

Many sellers will sell irregulars that are too short or are so bad that you can not use them for a bed.

Some say in their ad that it "features---"(whatever) let us say " IT  FEATURES 6.5"density" for an example. Now it does not say that - this topper they are selling is 6.5 density or 5.5 density. It just gives you a list , that will say "it features " a 6.5 density toppers or some other topper. The one you buy or bid on , may not be the "featured article" Get it??????? Some sellers are soooooooooooo tricky!

Cheap will always = tricks Some come in 3 pieces or with only one usable side, the other side is cooked skin from the top of the buns (like the heals of a bread loaf

Be sharp! Anything over 5.3lb density is heavier than Tempur-pedic. It would cost very, very MUCH money...if it is a quality memory foam topper. A 5.5lb density would be pretty darn hard. A 10lb density would be excruciatingly hard. What are they talking about ??? They just think if you “the customer" see a high number, you will buy it because "you think bigger is better." Be smarter than that!! That is a red flag?

Some sellers are promising a 20 year warranty –then say that this is only with the manufacturer. I suggest that you question this. Even if the seller will give a warranty for 20 years (on their own store), I suggest that you can not believe that any seller will know where he will be 20 years from now. Who knows if eBay will be here for 20 years. I may be dead. I mean really - who knows??? That 20 year warranty is an empty promise in my humble opinion.

Do not buy a cheap topper with a great warranty!!! Both are probably bad ;-(

Keywords to watchout for..

dual action memory foam- slow recovery/ 4lb range or 4lb to 4.5lb. (no density is listed )2.5lb moderate density red flag. Smoke on a mountain is a scary place,, don't get lost on cloud 9 !! Miracle foam....Wonder foam ( is that memory foam???) Names are just names. Bluebird,Mr 7 Mrs. foam. Call me before ordering there.

Think and be suspicious when you read an ad.

Some are selling irregular memory foam that was cut from the top or bottom of the bun and you can only use one side. The other side is baked. It will look like the heal of a loaf of bread. They are irregulars that can not be returned. That is a red flag?



Watch out for ANY store that does not list the density. The density is what you are paying for. It might talk about density all over the ad. But does it say that" this topper you are buying"......is that the density that you will get?

Read the small print! I know, I said this twice. Just wanted to make sure you did not miss it. Small print is a red flag?

If it is priced cheap, it is cheap foam. Period! RUN AWAY!!!!! You will get what you pay for.

No one out here on eBay is selling quality memory foam for $29.99---$149.00 on eBayor for 1 cent + $31.00 shipping included. Or 1 cent and no reserve

. No seller on ebay is stupid! Quite the opposite!

Your topper will not turn cold and hard, so you can buy any "good memory foam" and not worry about this tale. So silly! It is heat sensitive. When you lay on it, it will mold to your form... even in a cold room.A good topper will not make you hot (unless you have no air-condition) Then you are hot anyway! It will not make you hot because the open celled structure is self-ventilating, so it actually dissipates heat.

Use 100% cotton sheets-jersey covers-etc. , stay away from polyester that holds heat ~ cotton breathes.

Shrink wrapping will not hurt good memory foam. This is memory foam! It will regain air without any harm done. It will hurt cheap toppers but not a good one. If it could not regain its shape after shrink-wrapping, how could it regain it's shape after you sleep on it 10 -20 years. Seeeeeee, just common sense stuff.

Some factories spin sand into their memory foam to add weight. It feels very different and has a sandy finish to it. Feels sorta rough.Some spin air to save on materials . It is all fluff and no stuff! Got to trust your seller! Call, get a feel for them.

Some will sell to you and then order your topper from somewhere else & it will take 6 weeks or more to deliver. Look at and read feedback! Ask questions. They may be ordering from other sellers and reselling.

Be prepared to have people lie to you over the phone. Ask them to send you an email promising the density and size. ...if you are suspicious.

Know, that you can hold 5 samples of 5lb density and they all feel different. I buy the best!

Our factory adds an Anti-Microbial, which kills any fungi or germs which may get onto the topper. This also helps if the foam becomes wet, it helps to prevent molding. Our memory foam is hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial

is hypo-allergenic YNo bugs can live in it either. You do not need a cover to protect you from those ugly dust mite pictures. Two or one fitted sheet keeps your topper clean and there are no mites in memory foam.

And do not be so afraid of the ugly bugs. These ugly bugs have been with you for years. They are everywhere. I know ICKY and UCK! But tis true! This ugly bug picture is only a scare tactic..lol That is another red flag?

The USA regulates how much -of what-"stuff"is safe to put in memory foam..to make it hypo-allergenic .imports do not have these laws. Since the topper itself

I repeat:

1-336-570-0907 or 1-336-693-9205 Rebecca or Paul. If we do not answer. Try-try again. We want to talk to you!!!!

Some sell expensive beds . They are made with layers of foam & bedding material & then topped with 1.5" or 2 inch memory foam (glued down-that is built to fail in time- you can not turn it) All U need is a topper. A topper makes the bed!

Some sellers just lie. And that is just the cold - hard truth. Some use words, that hide the tricks- to sell their foam and claim that they are selling high density foam,then deliver he lowest of the low density foam to you. Less than 1.5lb density sometimes. That is just foam!CALL SELLERS!!!!!!

Good memory foam is not cheap!! It will not be very cheap and be good. Just give up that hope.

My toppers are affordable and way less than the retail stores.

You are saving a lot of money if you buy from me. Be happy with that!!! :-) Do not think any one out here is stupid and has bought good memory foam and that they will sell it to you cheap and take a loss. You can save hundreds and thousands! But you can not find some one stupid seller!!! And you can't find good quality memory f-oam ~~~ cheap! It does not exist.Do not dream it does...and buy tricks .

Since I have made this trick list & shared " the truth" about memory foam tricks on eBay- I have been attacked buy other sellers with unwelcome bidding. Other sellers do not want you to read my trick list. They have they almost ruined us. long story short ..they are clever -ruthless people who have no ethics at all and intend to fool you and ship bad foam. Some list for free shipping - $9.99 or 1 penny no reserve. (more about bidding at end of listed tricks)They have many, many ads - page after page - many are the same seller under different names.

eBay is now researching my present & past bids. In order to protect our self from future sabotage ( during this investigation time period) , I include this following information: I can & will cancel any bid during the auction if I discover a member with a questionable history has bid on my item, I will cancel the bid and politely ask that bidder not to bid on any of my listings again. If you have less than 4 purchases on eBay - please contact me before bidding. Thank you for your understanding. This allows me to continue to serve all of you with top quality memory foam - at fair prices & operates an honest selling place, on eBay!





Warranty...What Warranty??? *

The tricks are numerous here too, read very carefully how a warranty is worded.

If it says return it in new condition...... Think about that. What does new condition mean? Call and ask. It can't be new condition if you have used it!

Ask if it has a 2.5 compression set in 10 years --if they will exchange the bed for you. You see, in the bedding world - a 2.5 compression set is acceptable. Not only is it acceptable - it is expected. With normal wear and tear - a topper will last about 8-10 years and then it feels a bit different. After 10 years it may need replaced. Depends on some things like : did you rotate it, did you flip it every 6 months? Anyone who tells you that in 20 years it will feel "no different " - is just saying words. words full of lies. (in my humble opinion)

Do not pay 2 grand and more $$$ and expect any bed to feel the exact same in 20 years. Pay $300.00- $00.00 and expect 6-10 years. That is good!!! Be happy with the truth :-) Or buy the BIG BED LIE !And be unhappy:-( Think about it .....common sense should tell you that no bed can feel the same after 20 years!!!

Does a long warranty still impress you?? Do you really think you can trust and believe that an eBay company will be there 20 years from now?

I could give you a 20 year warranty, add a bunch of loopholes, in case you want to buy a 20 year warranty topper ......but I am honest! I really do not know if I will still be ALIVE LOL , let alone selling on eBay 20 years from now! And neither does anyone else if you want to get really honest !!!

I know retail stores who buy from the same factory that I do will give a 20 year warranty against " product defects.” What is that - exactly?That means the pad will not fall apart.

Ask to read the warranty if you buy a bed. With some beds, usually ,only the foam that they sew under the top of the mattress quilted cover is under warranty. How do you get the foam out? Well some do pull out. Because they go flat in 6 months then they give you another 2 -3 inch pad that will go flat also. And then they will give you to their problem department. So then you will get very mad that you spent 2- 3 grand for this great bed that does not feel great at all. And the warranty had lots of holes in it. Finally you will get worn out and give up. aaaaaaaaaaand they count on this.

Some will make a warranty very long and wordy--and count on you not reading it--in full!!!

What about the warranty that says return -no questions asked- for about a year? Said you could return it , even if you did not like the name .lol Then says they have to check it---for a return....Check what? I thought no questions were asked? (Is it just me that this confuses????????) 

If it costs $75.00 or $150.00 to return plus shipping. Then you have paid for the cheap low grade memory foam they are selling in layers. If they then give you free pillows, that ships separate, then that is another extra shipping cost. Just read the ad and think the entire time ~ while you are reading.

Regular foam can be comfy &last for years....but it is foam!  If you want regular foam, just go buy regular foam......nothing wrong with that, if it is what you want.

If they say a 2.5" compression set is normal, well then OOPS! There goes your warranty, They stated in their ad, that you will have a 2.5" compression set (hole), it is normal , even expected , and they told you so , didn't they ? I read that warranty, too!!! What if you want to buy a 2" topper? Now you are really in trouble! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm??

read the fine print . I thought I would say it again. Fine print is a major trick! That is a red flag?

What if they say they give you a 20 year warranty - however it is a warranty from a factory that made the foam???? Contact that factory and ask the details!!!!!!! Big red flag!

I will guarantee a regular HARD foam will not sink into a compression too! 2.5 density is almost all foam! You might buy it cheap or expensive. However, it is and remains mainly foam! I ask you this : why not just go buy foam--if you do not see the density described on an ad or box---you can bet that you are buying mostly foam. And it will be very cheap.

I will give you a 20 year warranty too if you will pay $800.00 or 2 grand plus for a topper, do you get it ? That warranty is part of what you pay for in retail stores and that is a lot of money to pay for a warranty. Especially since none of us know where we will be in 20 years! Especially people selling on eBay. Buy a good topper , not a good warranty.

Use your common sense when you read these ads. Your instincts will usually lead you to the correct buyer...... if you are not just looking for- BIG or CHEAP!

 About Feedback

Well, I am sorry to say : " You just can not trust it - like you could 6 years ago."Now- one seller can have an email site that can host 150 other email sites. What that means is EEK !!!! Now they can give themselves hundreds of feedback constantly - consistently & automatically- everyday. And they do!!!

They can give 3 feedback or 200 a day. So if some sellers get a bad feedback -they just bash their sight with hundreds of good feedback and their selling rate goes back up to 99.7% good feedback.

If you see some seller who is listed with terrific feedback-thousands of it and more. And then a lot of bad feedback also ....You have to question that site. Be suspicious and read all of the ad. I explained how to read feedback.

Now they will probably change tactics, since they know I am telling you about this. They can change what they will do in the future but not what they have done in the past. So check around Halloween 2006 and forward. That is when I noticed the same sites are giving each other feedback. It could have started before.If a seller shows that they sell 8-15 toppers a day. And they are cheap. And have perfect feedback …


It is Feb. 20 2008. If I get a bad feedback- please understand - it is probably them. eBay is now watching my site for this & any other suspicious activity. (More about this at the end )

www.justad.com .....gives shipping time zones and leads to my Store



This factory, that I buy from, sells thousands of toppers a week, and they are all shipped shrink wrapped in huge semi-trucks. The stores open them up and sell them from $990.00 to $9,200.00 and up .They give 5- 10- 20 years warranty on the same toppers that I am selling, right here. Not one customer that walks into a retail store will ask "how were these toppers shipped to your store?" Why????Because it is not important! Not if you are selling good memory foam! Now, cheap memory foam is another story.

It is shown on TV, that a steam roller can go over and over good memory foam and it will return to its original shape every time. Have you ever shrink wrapped a blanket? Even that returns to its original shape and size. This is memory foam and it will return to its original shape and it will be just fine. If someone told me that their foam would be damaged if it were shrink wrapped, I would be worried about their foam. Ours is not damaged by shrink wrapping it. Remember, we are selling memory foam, are we not? Well I am!

Remember folks.....this is memory foam! If it can not remember it's shape after being in a box for a few days, how could it remember it's shape for 5- 10- 20 years after you sleep on it ?


Just some good old common sense.

Should You Buy A Bed Or A Topper ?

What is the difference? Obviously they can make the entire bed and then take memory foam and put it on the top of the mattress. Inside the bed covering. Glued down, usually. Built to fail in time! And they charge a pretty penny for that. About 2 grand & more. Keep your own bed (or buy a regular inexpensive bed ) then put a good memory foam topper on the top of your bed and WALA!!! You made a memory foam bed! All bu yourself!! And you have the same thing (In my humble opinion) You will have the same comfort as an expensive memory foam bed that will cost over $1,000.00 - $4,000.00 Yours is probably better! They will tell you no, no that their bed is built much better.........It is is better! Much better money for them, thousands of dollars better? But is it better for you? I say no!

Put a topper on your own bed. There now, we made a bed! And you have layers too! If you have the memory foam in-cased in a bedding cover or have the top glued down on top or is inside a mattress (under a padded top)... it can not be turned. That should scare you. You can not melt into memory foam easily with padding .You will just sag or dip . Memory foam is heat sensitive and needs to be close to your body. It is a mattress topper and needs to be turned to lengthen it's life. It is a fact that.....all mattresses, of any material, need to be turned every once in a while?

Some things in this world are built to fail ,so you will need to replace it with another.

We are almost done. You are still with me! You have learned a lot, then!!!

Call if U need advice. 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca or Paul


Follow the opening instructions on the topper, or you could tear it. Yout instructions will be on the topper and the box. Do not force it open. Let it get room temperature and gently coax it open. Lay it on a clean sheet or surface so it can not get lint or hair on it. These toppers collect hair and lint very easily. We have very few returns. However, you must keep yourtopper clean so that you can have an easy exchange.

You may want to air it out. If you have sensitive nose. The smell will dissipate. Put a fan on it to hurry it along if you want. I put mine directly on a clean sheet on my bed.

It will look like a big ball of dough. Never fear, it will soon gather all the air into it and become the best bed you ever felt. I am sure you will love it !!

100 % Visco Elastic Memory Foam.

Compare our toppers to All Brands

Well............ That's my story! And as the old saying goes, I am sticking to it!The choice is yours now! I know I am going to make you happy if you buy from me, and I hope you feel that you can trust me! I know it is not easy to trust a stranger & hope for the best. I hope you feel like you know me a little bit now. I do promise you that I will treat you with honesty, respect and kindness. I promise you a top quality topper and top quality service.

I do not bug people for feedback but it sure puts a smile on my face when I get one. J And I will give you one right back. It helps others, who are where you are now. They do not know what to do. Where to buy & who to trust.. It helps me build trust with others. Sooooooo.... Please leave a feedback if you have time, so others will trust me too. 


 Memory foam 101, Completed for both of us J

*You deserve a *gold star!!!* Me too!! *

* * *

           www.justad.com takes you to Justad-Comfort

               HM # 1-336-570-0907 Ask for Rebecca or Paul


                  Cal.   king.......72 x 84        King....…76 x 80

                            Queen...........60 x 80          Full...............54 x75

                            Twin............ 38 x 74         XL twin....…38 x 80

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